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About Us
We have been rendering the carriage services since the year 2013. We have accumulated a great experience in accurate carriage of parcels.
Our clients are not only individual persons, but large companies as well.
We shall deliver Your parcels quickly, safely and at the time, which is convenient to You. We offer fast, flexible and precise carriage of cargoes and parcels between the Republic of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and the Kingdom of Norway.
The services
Carriage of partial cargoes
Carriage of parcels
Carriage of cars, attributed to any type, and of the other transport vehicles
Delivery of spare parts of transport vehicles according to the order
Carriage of bags, suitcases, bicycles, etc.
Carriage of pallets
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Schedule / route
  • A set of tires from 350 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • Bananas size box 250 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • Suitcase/bag:
    • 10-15kg – 200 DKK/NOK/SEK
    • 15-20kg – 250 DKK/NOK/SEK
    • 20-30kg – 300 DKK/NOK/SEK
    • 30-40kg – 350 DKK/NOK/SEK
    • 40-70kg – nuo 400 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • Engine 800-1500 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • Transmission gearbox 500-800 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • Passenger from 1300 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • Full minibus from 5000 to 10000 DKK/NOK/SEK
  • About the load non-standard size please contact us by phone
  1. General Provisions
  2. Packing and marking/labeling of parcels and cargoes
  3. The Sender’s guarantee
  4. The Company’s liability
  5. The objects, which the Company refuses to carry.
  6. Submission of claims
  7. The cases, when the Company will not assume any liability

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